I went to a talk given by Dee McCaffrey, a local nutritionist with a biochemistry background. She explained how the Splenda molecule is not truly related to a sugar molecule; in fact, it is more similar to a chemical fertilizer. I am overnight petsitting and the owners have drinks out that they left me to try. They are “slenderizing” and contain Splenda. I tried them and to me they taste like perfume! I definitely prefer just good ol’ plain water. If I need a sweetener, Dee suggested a few that are possibly even GOOD for you! They include agave nectar, Stevia drops, and even honey or maple syrup. Read her great book to find out how to use them and some great recipes! It’s called Plan-D, and I have only seen it in Sprout’s stores. Probably the best nutrition book I can recommend as a nutritionist! There are a few more on my website: www.BodyDefinitions.com/pages/nutritionalbookclub.