My New Year’s Resolution

January 3, 2010

I went last night to my favorite sub shop (Silermine) for sandwiches for my boyfriend and me. The guy working there recognized me, even remembering that I am a fitness trainer. He asked me if I even have a New Year’s Resolution… He laughed, saying I’m in shape already, and he knows I already eat healthy, so do I even need to have a Resolution? What he said really struck me. Yes, I have a New Year’s Resolution. What struck me is the freedom I have in choosing one. He’s right! While I can do better as far as eating and exercise, I will say, hopefully without sounding conceited, that I am happy with myself as far as diet and exercise. So, this time of year, I evaluate my life in many different areas, and try to find something to inspire me. I can choose from my spiritual life, my love life, my career, my social or community impact, my friendships…etc. I can pick from any of those areas. Yes, I think everyone has those same options, but it seems as though society dictates that if you are overweight, your New Year’s Resolution is supposed to be to lose weight. While I do not support media or peer pressure being the reason for change, perhaps this could be the year that you pick some small, easy changes to have a healthier lifestyle. The weight will come off gradually and safely, and then when you hit a healthy weight for you, you will keep the weight off. Then, every single year after this for the rest of your life, you can feel the same freedom as I do right now! So…you may be wondering, what is my resolution? Ok, I’ll tell! I have been working on being a better person, in ways that make a difference– actually make an impact on the community or world and make it a better place to be. I have made some small progress last year- I joined Scottsdale Leadership, and also just recently applied to be a Commissioner for the City of Scottsdale. So, one part is to continue this momentum, and, in addition, I resolve this year to increase my impact to animals. I volunteered last year at Liberty Wildlife for 6 months, doing their Orphan Care program. Now I’d like to focus on dogs. I am not sure just what I want to do. I am considering either volunteering at a shelter, or maybe being a foster “mom” to a dog from a shelter, helping it get over fears, anger, etc. I will look into my options and find the one that works for me. Best wishes to you and to your success with your resolution for this year!