I happen to be vegetarian, but don’t tell others that they need to be. I respect other people’s wishes as I hope they will respect mine. I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian (I eat dairy and eggs). I don’t eat anything made with chicken broth or cooked on the same grill as meats. Nor will I eat a salad after picking off the chicken –I’d just rather skip it and wait till I get home. I do in general think Americans eat too much meat (read “The Blue Zones” by Dan Buettner–great, fun read) but not enough fish (although I don’t eat fish myself). I had some great meals this past weekend at different restaurants around the Phoenix area, so I thought I’d let others know if they are looking for some great vegetarian options.

First, Friday night my boyfriend and I went out for our first time to a relatively new restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale. It’s called 5th and Wine. We live pretty close to Old Town, so that was convenient for us, and it was highly recommended by Jay and Susie of FoodiesLikeUs.com, both friends of mine (check out their great events! Not really designed for vegetarians, but they do great work!). We started with the bruschetta appetizer, and had two vegetarian options, the apple with brie and agave drizzle, and the roasted peppers with goat cheese. Both were great. The apple one was so sweet I was considering saving a piece for dessert! Not too icky sweet, though. Then, I had the caprese panini for my main course. It was absolutely to die for! Even my boyfriend who normally choses meat dishes said he will chose the caprese panini too next time, and that we have to go back sometime to have it again! It was fabulous. Great wine with our meals too. The only negative thing I could say is that it’s a little loud in the restaurant, so probably don’t bring someone hard of hearing. But fun atmosphere, good service, and lots of space both indoors and outdoors to sit. And decently low prices–my panini was $10.95.

Then, Saturday night, we had tickets to the ASU baseball game, so we stopped at a little restaurant in Tempe on the way for dinner. My boyfriend and his dad like this Middle Eastern restaurant called Haji Baba and have been many times. I have been a couple of times. I tried something new, and was glad I did. I had a Greek salad and an order of an appetizer that I can’t seem to remember the name. I know the first word was “foul” which seemed like an odd word to use for a food item in the US! I am sure that means something else in a different language. Anyway, I liked the foul appetizer. I would definitely order that again. It is basically fava beans in a sauce, and comes with pita bread to eat it with. Next time, I will probably order the same things, but ask for the dressing on the side for the salad–came with just a little too much for me–and then make pita wraps or something with the beans and the salad contents. Might look weird but I was thinking that would be great. Also very inexpensive; I think theĀ fava beans were about $2.99 or something.

Then, on Sunday evening, we met friends out to eat before they all scatter for the summer. It is so unusual for my boyfriend and I to eat out three nights in a row! We went to Rockbottom at Desert Ridge. This is an example of eating vegetarian, and even healthy, can actually happen in an American-style restaurant! I had a new appetizer that they just added to their menu. It was a spicy hummus and came with lots of carrots, snow peas, and something they called Tuscan bread to dip. The plate was big, and I was happy that it was plenty for me for dinner even though it was off the appetizer menu. I like carrots and snow peas and they went well with the hummus. It wasn’t incredible, but definitely enjoyable and certainly healthy! I passed on the Tuscan bread. Not so yummy, sorry, Rockbottom!

So that was my fun weekend with the love of my life, family, and friends. I am such a lucky girl! I hope to help other vegetarians in Phoenix find some good places to eat. Enjoy!

Fructose is being used a lot lately in protein bars, health drinks, supplements, etc. Fructose is the sugar in a lot of fruit. Sounds like a safe, healthier option for sugar.. Or is it? Here is a link to an article that clears it up really well:


What I’m about

May 6, 2010

I believe in living life to the fullest, and enjoying every minute of it. I think there are a few things we should be responsible about… so that we can have the most fun! Namely, taking care of our bodies so that they last a long time, and are able to do more of the things we want it to do. Other than that, I think we should help others in our community and that this will translate into helping the whole globe be a better place to live.