I like to say that because I have a bunch of experience and education in the Exercise Science field (sorry if that sounds like I’m bragging), that I don’t need to use drill-sargent like techniques to get people to get results. Instead, I just choose the most effective exercises and methods of training, and keep the workout atmosphere fun! That way, people are more likely to actually want to exercise! There is a new event coming to the Phoenix area that I think captures this same attitude. It is called the Women’s Half-Marathon, and it takes place on Sunday, November 7th in Scottsdale and Tempe. It sounds like it actually could be fun! They give you a unique medal at the end that has a charm as a separate piece, so you can wear the charm by itself. Plus there’s a cookie bar at the end! You deserve a darn cookie after you’ve walked a half-marathon! Yes, I will be eating a cookie, ok maybe even two, at the end! I will be walking this event, by the way, not running it.

I am putting together a walking program to help prepare whoever wants to join me for this event. I am hoping you will come join! You don’t have to commit to the half-marathon to join the walking group; anyone can come walk and enjoy meeting a few really nice ladies (I think I can count on three ladies joining me, and they are super nice!). I am still working on the details of this walking program. Since it is hot outside, I may try to get Scottsdale Community College to let us use their indoor walking track. Check back soon for details!

My boyfriend and I went out for dinner last Saturday evening. We wanted to be mostly good, meaning, staying within the boundaries of acceptably healthy without being strict. We had seenĀ a sign for Vietnamese cuisine in a little strip mall maybe a week or two earlier, and thought we should try it out some day. Neither of us had tried Vietnamese food before, though, so weren’t really sure what it was. So, last Saturday night, we walked up to it and looked at the menu posted outside to see if it would have something for me to eat (since I’m veg that can be tricky occasionally but not often). The menu looked ok, so we went in.

Wow, were we impressed! The food was GREAT! It was inexpensive, too, which is something we are definitely looking for these days. I had a veggie curry dish, and it was so good! There was some fresh basil leaves sprinkled on top of my dish, which initially I pushed off to the side since basil belongs in Italian food, I thought. I do love basil, though, so at one point I pulled off a little corner of a leaf and put it on a forkful. Oh, my gosh, could my meal actually get better?! That made it excellent!

We also had the veggie dumplings to start as an appetizer, which the menu had said come fried, but I asked them if it was possible to make them not oily, and the waiter said he could bring them steamed. They were also very yummy.

So, overall, I think Vietnamese cuisine is sort of like a mix of Thai food and Chinese, so think Asian fusion. We will definitely go back to Noodles Ranch. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but definitely is a pleasant surprise inside! Look for it in the ACE Hardware/Albertson’s shopping center on the corner of Scottsdale Roads and Thomas.