Here’s to a Great New Year for You!

December 27, 2010

Of the top Resolutions year after year, losing weight, getting finances in order, and organizing the house are always at the top. I would love to make some suggestions to help you be successful at your Resolution, and hopefully you’ll feel better, look better, and get the most out of your life!

For losing weight, I thought I’d give a few tips, and if you follow the suggestions below, you are sure to get some results without dieting or feeling deprived.

1. Eat off small plates. This is an easy change that definitely made a difference to me. It makes it so much simpler to figure out portion sizes without having to measure, weight, count calories, etc. If you eat off a smaller plate, the same amount of food seems like so much more than if you put it on a big plate, so you are tricking your brain into eating less. If you eat off a big plate, you are more likely to fill it up with more food, and then you are more likely to eat more. The opposite happens with small dishes, so try this handy trick that I stick to as much as I can.

2. No deprivation! If you tell yourself you are never going to eat a food you consider “bad” then you are setting yourself up to fail if it is ever put in front of you. I am a nutritionist and a personal trainer, and I want to represent self-control and the epitome of health and wellness. But, I eat pizza! I drink wine! I do choose to make these things as healthy as I can when I have them–I don’t eat meats on my pizza (those can be the worst part–meaning the pepperoni and sausage); instead, I pile on veggies and pick pizza places that are more mom-and-pop kind of places instead of cheaper chains, so that I feel like the ingredients are more natural and not as processed. Yum! And, if I have a chocolate craving, I have healthier options that I like just as well as the bad ones–like my Healthy Brownie recipe, or dark chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s. There are only a few food items that I would tell someone to never have–but they do include fast food burgers, and anything containing trans fats. Other than that, I don’t deprive myself if I want something, but gradually over the years I have found options for almost everything that I love and thoroughly enjoy and aren’t as awful for me. And I don’t feel guilty! No guilt!

3. Drink water! I know you have heard this so many times, but it is important. Lots of times, you think you are hungry, but you are really just thirsty, and if you had a glass of water you’d suddenly realize that you aren’t hungry any more. Plus, if you drink water before a meal, you are likely to eat a lot less but still feel just as full. In addition, the biological process of burning body fat requires water, so if you are dehydrated–even if you are regularly exercising–you won’t burn fat as well.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. I know, I know, you remember your mom nagging you and it brings up images of you as a kid refusing to eat brussels sprouts. There just has to be a few fruits and even a few vegetables that you like. So what if you like cheese on your vegetables? So do I! Granted, I don’t use processed cheese that would probably survive a nuclear holocaust! Try roasting different veggies–like asparagus, potatoes (yes, potatoes are good for you), squashes, carrots, even broccoli–by just cutting them up and putting them on a pan in the oven with olive oil and garlic (depending on the veggies). Bake at around 400 degrees for 30 minutes and then sprinkle some cheese on top, and enjoy a guilt-free, nourishing side! Add a breast of chicken or fish and you have a very healthy, well-rounded meal. Try adding a fruit to breakfast and lunch and you will be getting “A”s in nutrition! Plus you will be amazed how you start losing weight, and then it stays off!

 5. Go for a walk. You have probably heard this one so many times now, too. But, we live in one of the best states as far as weather for most of the year, and it is a shame to live here and miss out on it! You don’t have to do anything fancy, don’t need fancy work-out attire, just some good shoes… so put them on and just walk around your block! Walking is such good exercise for you, and it is a great opportunity to clear your mind and have time for yourself and help reduce stress. Just do it, as they say. Like showering or brushing your teeth or doing your hair, it is a part of your day so just do it. Slip on your shoes and make it happen. It doesn’t have to be an hour to matter. If you can do it just a few times, you’ll love the time you get to yourself, and then you’ll miss it if you don’t get it. Don’t be afraid to tell family members that you need this for yourself, or just bring them along!

For help with lots of other areas of life that hit the top New Year’s Resolutions, please take a look at this NewYearNewYou flyer for some contacts of local business women who want to help you reach your best potential! Happy New Year and best wishes for success and feeling great in 2011!

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    Blogwalking,Happy New years 2012,nice share and good info,tank’s

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