Get Lean in 2015!

January 6, 2015

Get Lean in 2015!

New ways to get in shape!

I have started a YouTube channel! It is completely free. I have (so far) posted two workout videos for anyone to do at home. One is a basic workout–a beginner’s level–emphasizing strengthening around the hips. The other is a harder workout, targeting the underarm area, and is meant for those who are looking for a challenge. Please go ahead and try them out, and let me know what you think! I am hoping to keep making more and more videos, so you could pick your level, and what area you want to target that day. Could you help me out? In order to make this worth spending all the time filming (and re-filming when I mess up, and re-filming…!), I have asked YouTube to put ads on my videos. The more people watch them, or click on them, the more money that would come to me. It is kind of a long shot– I think it works out to 10,000 views gets you about $1— but if I could get a couple of bucks, it would help me be able to reserve time to keep making more videos. I would really appreciate if you would have patience with the ads! Thanks so very much for your support!

Also, I have been inspired to teach a class just for women about the basics of football. I feel bad watching friends get teased by their boyfriends or brothers when they ask a question about what is going on during the game. So, with Super Bowl Sunday coming up, I thought I would teach the basics to women, in a supportive and friendly environment. If you want to have more to talk about with male (or female!) co-workers, or want to better enjoy time with a significant other or friends who are football fans, please sign up for this class! I am offering it at three different times, at three different locations. Since I have spent 3 of my high school years and my college years on the sidelines of my schools’ football games as a student athletic trainer, and grew up going to football games with my die-hard football fan dad, and teach the history of sports at Scottsdale Community College, I have learned the game over the years. I would love to help improve your life! This is meant to be a basics class, ideal for those who don’t know what “4th down and 2” means.
Cost: $15 to cover the cost of room reservation and printing.
Seated is Limited! Must register at least three days in advance.

Locations and Times:
Scottsdale Kierland Area:
Thursday, January 15th 1:00 till 3:00 pm
To register for this location and time:

Old Town Scottsdale Area:
Monday, January 19th (Martin Luther King, Jr Day) 10 am till 12noon
To register for this location and time:

Biltmore Area:
Tuesday, January 20th from 6:00 to 8:00pm
To register for this location and time:

Feel free to share this email with a friend. Thanks! Email or call me with any questions, tips for upcoming videos, other classes you would like to see me offer, etc!

Have a wonderful 2015, every day, the whole year through!

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