I have created a recipe for a chocolate snack that I have made for a few people, and have gotten positive feedback. It took a bunch of tries — adapting it constantly to try to get the consistency, taste, and healthy value to be in balance (not too easy!). I am happy with this creation. I hope you will try it, and love it! It has only healthy ingredients, and has healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and is a complete protein– perfect for vegetarians! Please watch my video on YouTube, and if you subscribe to my channel (which is free), I will send you the recipe (or just send me an email to get it for free). This recipe is great for a snack for adults or kids, can cure a chocolate craving– with no guilt!– or be easily carried for lunch to work or school for the kids, or just eaten with a spoon, or mixed with peanut butter, or as a frosting. Thanks so very much for watching, and I hope you will watch my other videos, too!