I like to say that because I have a bunch of experience and education in the Exercise Science field (sorry if that sounds like I’m bragging), that I don’t need to use drill-sargent like techniques to get people to get results. Instead, I just choose the most effective exercises and methods of training, and keep the workout atmosphere fun! That way, people are more likely to actually want to exercise! There is a new event coming to the Phoenix area that I think captures this same attitude. It is called the Women’s Half-Marathon, and it takes place on Sunday, November 7th in Scottsdale and Tempe. It sounds like it actually could be fun! They give you a unique medal at the end that has a charm as a separate piece, so you can wear the charm by itself. Plus there’s a cookie bar at the end! You deserve a darn cookie after you’ve walked a half-marathon! Yes, I will be eating a cookie, ok maybe even two, at the end! I will be walking this event, by the way, not running it.

I am putting together a walking program to help prepare whoever wants to join me for this event. I am hoping you will come join! You don’t have to commit to the half-marathon to join the walking group; anyone can come walk and enjoy meeting a few really nice ladies (I think I can count on three ladies joining me, and they are super nice!). I am still working on the details of this walking program. Since it is hot outside, I may try to get Scottsdale Community College to let us use their indoor walking track. Check back soon for details!