Bladder Cancer Info

August 16, 2010

I have a friend who is a wonderful person. She was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. She said she asked the doctor why he thought she got this disease, since she is so different from the “typical” patient. She is a healthy, active, thin framed person. The doctor, who was a specialist for bladder cancer, said that there are three things he has seen that increases people’s risk for developing this disease. The first was smoking, surprise surprise, but my friend isn’t a smoker. I have to confess I forgot what the second thing was. The third, the doctor said, is dry cleaning. People who wear dry-cleaned clothes seem to have an increased risk for developing bladder cancer. My friend said that is it! She wore freshly dry-cleaned clothes every day for at least ten years as a part of her job. I have been using an organic dry cleaner for about a year now, and now I am really glad that I do so! Of course, I wear fitness clothes almost every day year-round, so it is rare for me to have to dry clean my clothes anyway, but I will be sure to stick with the organic dry cleaners from now on. Does anyone know more about the organic dry cleaning process? Is it truly “organic” and “green” and “non-toxic”? Even without being 100% sure they are all they are promising, I will use the organic cleaners for dry cleaning. If it turns out that they are toxic too, then I will not wear or purchase clothes that need to by dry cleaned. Any comments?