Talk about Healthy Aging!

November 11, 2010

I did the first ever Women’s Half-Marathon in Scottsdale/Tempe this past Sunday. I can’t really say I officially trained for it, but I have been trying to walk/run with my dogs trying to get me in some sort of better shape. I am not a big runner–it feels awkward to me, and I prefer to ride my bike or use my elliptical so much more, so I usually pass on running. Still… I haven’t done much more than a half an hour at a time on the elliptical, and I haven’t ridden my bike in quite a while.

But, I gave it a shot. And I really pushed myself hard at the half-marathon. I was whipped by the time I finished. I had done the PF Chang’s Half-Marathon the past two Januarys, and was really hoping just to tie my best time… or at least just finish (I had trained before those races). I did finish, and I did beat my best time. Yay! Before, my best was 3 hours and 15 minutes. Sunday, I did the Women’s Half-Marathon in 2:53! I was pretty happy with that. But, then I looked closer…

So you understand that I’m a personal trainer. I do try to be faithful to practicing what I preach so that I can look my clients in the eye when I say that they can fit in exercise, that I do too and I’m busy. I think people’s expectations of me are that I am in pretty good shape, and I think they are very justified in having that expectation.

I looked at the results from Sunday based on age. Out of my age group (35-39), I came in 531 out of 680. Wow, that’s pretty darn low. That shocked me. I took another look at the results for other age groups. Here’s how it played out:

From the 50-54 range, 167 participants out of 259 beat me (more than half!). The winner of this age group beat me by 1 hour and 14 minutes.

From the 55-59 age group, 69 out of 115 beat me (more than half!). The winner, at age 58, beat me by 1 hour and 15 minutes.

From the 60-64 group, 21 out of 53 participants beat me (almost half!). The winner, at age 64, beat me by 1 hour and 11 minutes.

From the 65-69 age group, 9 out of the 17 participants beat me (more than half!). The winner, at age 65, beat me by 51 minutes.

So, I hope you find this encouraging. If you are reaching the “mature” age groups, there may be no reason why you couldn’t try to do a half-marathon. There are others out there doing it! And, they are beating me! Maybe you will, too!

New Website!

July 23, 2010

To those of you who know me and have visited my website (, please take a minute to visit my new website! The old one has crashed and I have had to let it go. I am taking it as a blessing in disguise, though, and it is turning out to be a good thing. I needed some updating anyway! Plus, I can make it even better now (I hope!). I am doing it myself so it is taking a little time but there are a couple of pages now, and I hope they reflect the new message I want to send. Also, on an even more exciting note, at least in my humble opinion, I have started a new website to market my wonderful teammates who help me cover the whole valley and help people valley-wide who want to feel great and look great! Please check that out, too, when you have a minute! It’s It also is just started and still needs lots of work, but there is a basic framework there right now. Thanks so much for visiting the site(s)! Please let me know if you have any comments or constructive criticism for me. Email me thru either website if you’d like, or here. Thanks again! First person to do so (whether I know you or not) will win a gift basket of home-spa products for a relaxing time in your home. Bath products, scented candles, etc, are included in this gift package donated by Henkel (formerly Dial).

I have been wanting to add more testimonials, before and after pictures, etc, to my marketing materials (like brochures and my website). So, I thought, what better way to get the word out about me but by offering FREE personal training! I do in-home (or in-office, or in your apartment or condo fitness center) personal training for all shapes, abilities, and goals. I am looking for some specific types of clients to give testimonials to show the wide variety of people that myself and my trainer-partners can work with (and deliver amazing results). I will offer a reduced rate on personal training in exchange for testimonials and before and after pictures. But, I am offering FREE personal training to any clients matching my “wish list” who not only gives testimonials and before and after pictures, but also pays it forward–meaning, you do something good for someone else, and I will completely eliminate fees for in-home training for a period of time. The time period will depend on how great their contribution to someone else is. For example, if  a potential client adopts a pet from a shelter, that pet is helped for the rest of its life. So, the payback in free training will be longer… perhaps three months time (depends on person’s location, etc). Keep in mind that my fees for in-home personal training are already incredibly low compared with gyms or other trainers—I charge only $45 per one-hour session for most locations in the Phoenix metro area. So, even if you are not wanting to pay it forward–even the reduced rate for testimonials or before and after pictures makes training in your home incredibly affordable!

      So what is my “wish list” of people I would like to extend this offer to?

1. A lady in her 80s or 90s

2. A young lady in her 20s or 30s who wants “butt-kicking” or “boot-camp” kinds of workouts

3. A person with orthopedic problems, any age, man or woman

4. A person, man or woman, any age, who wants to lose over 100lbs

Do you know anybody who fits any of these descriptions? If so, please let them know about my huge deal! Or, if you fit one of them, please contact me immediately–it’s a first-come, first-served deal! Contact me at